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Imagine that our periodicals, PREFERIST – pages of luxury impressions, had been around for 50 years and that you could browse through these anthologies with your children or grandchildren. PREFERIST would be a unique chronicle, in which you would find the most important brands of that time presented in their most beautiful way.

On PREFERIST luxury pages, the most exclusive and best brands present themselves to an elite and potent readership in the form of lavishly produced product presentations and photo series – this of course also digitally on our website. The very noble and high-quality PREFERIST is produced especially for financially strong top customers of some Swiss banks. Never before could the presenting companies address potential and future customers in a more targeted way. With the PREFERIST book magazine, you can reach a well-funded clientele with pinpoint accuracy and without wastage.

Due to its elegant, velvet cover with gold embossing, it not only looks very decorative, but also immediately attracts the interest and gaze of its viewer. Gold stands for the colors and robes of kings and emperors, and so PREFERIST guarantees the exquisite Topbrands a truly stately and royal appearance. Be a part of the future history and present your company on several pages to an illustrious readership of financially strong top decision-makers with a high level of education and a pronounced quality mindset. A high-caliber, consumer-friendly clientele for sophisticated advertising messages. PREFERIST is a gem for the top brands of our time, with which you can already set up a monument worthy of you.

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Laura Giordano

Edditor in Chief

Giulia Ciringione

Public relations

Joana ciringione

trend scout

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