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The Minute Repeaterby ArtyA

A New Symphony in Watchmaking

The ultimate complication,
mastered and reimagined in various forms

The independent Swiss brand is making a name for itself with the queen complication of watchmaking: the minute repeater. Three new unique timepieces have just left the Geneva workshops, equipped with the tourbillon minute repeater movement developed as a tribute to MHC and its talented watchmaker Pierre Favre.

The ArtyA Chorus Minute Repeater is a direct descendant of the 3-gong minute repeater, regulator, and double-axis tourbillon – the most complex piece ever developed by the Geneva-based manufacture. It inherits its predecessor’s characteristic case, yet is modernized and reduced in size.
The ArtyA Skeleton Minute Repeater is a reinterpretation of the round titanium model created for the celebrated ‘Lion’s Head’ and ‘Death is Calling’ two unique pieces developed specifically to bring out the resonating movement’s exceptional sound. This new iteration offers two one-off versions in a sandblasted case that houses a fully skeletonized caliber to highlight its beating heart.

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