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 Celebrating 25 years of cellular Active IRISA™  

 SWISS PERFECTION – the contemporary & luxurious skincare brand that made the blue and silver come dramatically alive is proud to reveal RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum Limited Edition. A legend produced in limited edition on the occasion of the brand’s 25th Celebration. 

 Very first icon and bestseller since the beginnings of the brand in 1998, RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum marks Swiss Perfection’s 25th anniversary by revisiting the silver tone and revealing a luminous metallic-blue expression. 

From silver bestseller to metallic-blue star – A bottle at its most refined 

The Maison explored a new interpretation of its iconic silver bottle in a playful deep blue journey. Echoing with Swiss Perfection’s chromatic colors and resonating with its SwissEssence, RS-28 Rejuvenation Serum Limited Edition is a tribute to the brand’s birthplace and origins: Montreux in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Leman. 

Inspired by the mirror and light effects shimmering over the blue lake, the surface of RS-28 Rejuvenation Serum Limited Edition has been imagined smooth and glossy. A truly aesthetic and sensorial experience that evokes both refinement and timeless youth. 

The stylized flower in bloom and its fluid kinetic movements on the top of the bottle recalls the magnificent Iris Germanica harvested in the lush gardens of Château de Vullierens near Montreux. The royal purple flower renowned for its energizing and multiple revitalizing benefits* has been the brand’s ambassador for 25 years now. Its impressive regenerating properties gave birth to Swiss Perfection’s signature compound Cellular Active IRISA™ in 1998. A milestone synonymous with savoir-faire and scientific breakthrough that deserves the best celebration. 

With only 1’500 exclusive pieces produced, RS-28 Rejuvenation Serum Limited Edition will be presented during Swiss Perfection’s 25th years celebration on May 23rd 2023. This limited series will be proposed to the brand’s top VIP clientèle and present for sale in high-end and very selective points of sale.

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