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New HERITAGE line 18K

CELTIC® Jewelry

40TH Anniversary 18K Gold collection

From the dramatic cliffs at Clo Mor to the verdant foothills of the Pyrenees, the Celtic
empire stretched the length of Europe, seeding a cultural tradition teeming with mysticism
and innovation.

Indeed the Celts continue to fascinate and inspire, as masters of metalwork and
protagonists of the radial, with a distinctive eye for balance and hand for artistry. It is in
this spirit that Charriol presents Celtic Heritage, our latest offering of fine jewelry.
The Heritage Collection is designed for the ages, looking not just to the past, but also to
the future, wherein house codes are drawn upon and reinterpreted to create an iconic
presentation of resplendent hardware that integrates classic and contemporary.
Arriving in celebration of Charriol’s 40th anniversary, the design is further celebrated
through material splendor – a limited edition offered in 18K gold and embellished with
pave diamonds. With a touch of gold and a hint of history, the Heritage Gold Collection
adds a decidedly French twist to the golden standard of elegance and effortless style.

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