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The Italian Maison continues its journey into the excellence of the Italian goldsmith tradition by presenting new jewels which embody love and sensuality, introducing a development of its iconic lines, Petit Joli and Giardini Segreti.
Eugenia Bruni, chief creative officer of the Maison, chooses once again to forward her passion for nature real essence, using the moon as a muse inspiring the creation of new masterpieces.

The collection PePettiitt JoJolili has been designed for free-spirited women who keep reigniting their vital energy. Jewels that express their primordial bond between nature and women and take on the colour of the sky, of the space and of the earth; colours with a strong personality and rich of expressive sweetness at the same time.

By proposing four new combinations of gems and moonstone, femininity and beauty are enhanced again through the role of the moon.

An initial development related to the line Petit Joli concerns precisely the celestial body, the energy of which is empowered when a moonstone meets the strength of the other gems, namely onyx, green agate, mother-of-pearl and pink chalcedony.

This vital path connecting soul and nature is at the basis of all jewels which make up the collection in 18kt rose gold with white and champagne diamonds.

Thus, the jewels already present in the collection move to a whole new direction: the earring becomes pendant, the ring is embellished with diamonds in its shank as well as the necklace, while a brand-new choker and a bangle are added, both likewise enriched by diamond details.
In Petit Joli, design and preciousness never stop highlighting their uniqueness thanks to the appearance and the meaning of the stones which are chosen to complement the main one, the moonstone.

The onyx, earthly strength, symbol of determination and feminine bravery; velvet-like pink chalcedony enhances unconditional love and the absolute purity of the moonstone. Mother-of-pearl, embodying the very element of women’s energy; green agate, a protective stone vibing with the beauty of the universe.

Gems that invite us to live our emotions wholeheartedly and break free reconnecting with our inner Self through beauty.

Plunged into this spiritual and idyllic dimension, the collection Petit Joli aims at conveying an ethereal and eternal space where an imaginary path leads to our personal distinctiveness and to the specialness of the surrounding world.

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