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Conor McGregor Stuns at ‘Road House’ Premiere with Iconic Jacob & Co. ‘Godfather’ Timepiece

Yesterday, in New York City, Conor McGregor, the former UFC champion, graced the premiere of the “Road House” remake, adorned with the renowned Opera Godfather timepiece by Jacob & Co., accentuating his distinctive style.

This particular model, drawing inspiration from the first movie Jacob Arabo witnessed upon his arrival in the U.S., embodies a masterpiece with a personal narrative. “When I first arrived in the USA from Uzbekistan in 1979, I was 14 years old, unfamiliar with the language, and my family had no money,” recalls Jacob Arabo. “It took me two years to earn enough time and money to go to the movies. ‘The Godfather’ was being re-released; it was the first movie I saw in a theater.”

Limited to just 88 pieces, this iconic timepiece features a design influenced by “The Godfather,” incorporating intricate details such as a miniature depiction of Don Vito Corleone adorned with a red rose on his lapel. It serves as a significant symbol of the character, portrayed as a three-dimensional figurine, seated at the heart of the watch.

Upon activation, the music box within the timepiece starts playing its melody, causing the movement components to rotate collectively around a central axis. This includes the tourbillon and the cylinders, as well as the central miniature and other visible parts, such as the dial for hours and minutes, which rotate in the opposite direction to maintain their upright position while the rest of the mechanism moves.

Featuring a triple-axis tourbillon, the timepiece stands out, further accentuating its unique essence and reflecting McGregor’s penchant for luxury watches.

Neural Processing Units (NPUs) erweitern die KI-Fähigkeiten der neuen Modelle, wodurch Nutzer von schnelleren und effizienteren Arbeitsabläufen profitieren. Dies macht die Geräte ideal für KI-gesteuerte Anwendungen und die Nutzung des Copiloten in Windows für ein intuitiveres Benutzererlebnis.

Mit den neuesten AMD Ryzen PRO Prozessoren ausgestattet, sind das ThinkPad L14 Gen 5 und das L16 Gen 1 speziell für anspruchsvolle IT-verwaltete Umgebungen konzipiert, was sie zu verlässlichen Begleitern für Geschäftsleute macht, die eine leistungsstarke und gleichzeitig umweltbewusste Technologie suchen.

Die neuen Modelle der ThinkPad L- und X13-Serie sind ab Mitte Mai 2024 erhältlich, Preise werden später bekannt gegeben, was die Spannung auf die Markteinführung weiter erhöht.

Ref: OP110.21.AG.AB.A
Price: USD  364’000
Limited edition: 88 pieces


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