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Coral Blossom – the multi-faceted haute joaillerie creation 

The fascinating inner world of a five-carat sapphire inspired Gübelin Jewellery to create Coral Blossom. This unique jewellery piece can be worn in three different ways: as a brooch, necklace or cocktail ring. The iconic Gübelin ruby glistens prominently in a purist setting. With this modifiable masterpiece, the jewellery brand continues to reshape the history of multi-functional haute joaillerie in a creative and inspired way while making a brilliant statement.

Brooch – necklace – cocktail ring

Modifiable jewellery offering multiple ways of wearing has been known for centuries and is considered one of the pinnacles of haute joaillerie. With Coral Blossom, Gübelin Jewellery perpetuates the history and tradition in an innovative and inspired way. This jewellery can be worn in three attractive ways. Whether as a brooch, necklace or cocktail ring, this jewellery piece allows its wearer to choose the version that fits their style as well as the occasion.

Brooches are celebrating a comeback

Brooches are among the most sought-after it pieces and are experiencing a revival. Fashionistas use them to create a modern look by wearing them not only classically on the left lapel, but style them innovatively and creatively. Brooches make a statement and can be worn anywhere. They grace the collar of an overcoat, lending an outfit an exciting silhouette while creating a whole new look. Whether worn as a glistening accent to an evening dress, sweater or hat, or incorporated into a coiffure as style icon Elizabeth Taylor once wore them. Brooches offer a wealth of styling options and provide a broad palette for your own creativity.

With Coral Blossom, Gübelin Jewellery takes a further step, as this brooch can also be worn as a cocktail ring or necklace. This flexible creation combines three highly popular jewellery pieces. Opulent cocktail rings are just as esteemed as necklaces. As a necklace, Coral Blossom brings together two exciting designs by combining the purist red gold chain with the pendant to create an enchanting necklace.

Coral Blossom was designed and created in the company’s own atelier in Lucerne. This sophisticated creation is the result of 350 hours of work, which demanded painstaking care for detail, the highest artisanship and refined technique. Thanks to the sophisticated bayonet clasp, wearers can convert Coral Blossom from one type of jewellery into another in an instant.

This breathtaking jewellery piece features a sapphire from Burma (Myanmar) of 5.01 ct. Deep in its interior, the designers discovered unique shapes and structures reminiscent of elegant corals resembling a radiantly blossoming aquatic flower. Coral Blossom was created as a homage to the colourful and varied Mergui Archipelago off the coast of Burma.

Coral Blossom is characterised by its organic shapes, deftly highlighted by sparkling gemstones. A cushion-shape sapphire radiates at the centre of the red gold creation, surrounded by a sweeping arrangement of sapphires, tsavorites and rubies in a sophisticated mix of cuts. The variety which makes Coral Blossom so outstanding is also reflected in the select cuts of its gemstones. Sapphire baguettes were specially cut into shape for this jewellery piece, adding further facets to the round, cushion- as well as pear- shape sapphires. The combination of the radiant green of the tsavorites with the red of the cabochon-cut rubies generates exciting contrasts. In the ring version, a double pavé thread of brilliant-cut diamonds adorns the ring band.

Iconic ruby

The iconic Gübelin Jewellery ruby glistens in an especially prominent place – it seems to float between two red gold elements set with sapphires or tourmalines. This prominent spot reminds us of Coral Blossom’s provenance as a creation of the Swiss, family-owned company while also expressing Gübelin’s expertise and joy in coloured gemstones.

Unique design inspiration

Gübelin Jewellery creations are based on a unique language of design, inspired by the inner world of gemstones. Deep within, gemstones reveal fascinating shapes and structures as individual as any fingerprint. They provide valuable information about how the gemstone was created – and at the same time radiate incomparable beauty.

Coral Blossom, with its flexibility, features a unique language of design, the highest artisanship and select gemstones. Burmese sapphires are highly sought after, rare and renowned for their deep, saturated shades of blue. In addition to their naturally limited availability, Gübelin Jewellery currently only selects gemstones from Myanmar that were exported before February 2021.

Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin, explains: “With Coral Blossom, we are perpetuating the tradition of convertible jewellery in an innovative and inspiring way. This multi-faceted haute joaillerie creation can be worn as a brooch, necklace or cocktail ring. This unique piece embodies creativity and individuality.”

Deeply Inspired

The House of Gübelin’s Deeply Inspired philosophy pervades all aspects of the company’s activities. It is based on a unique combination of beauty, knowledge and expertise, always pursuing a deeper understanding of the profession, in tribute to the family’s pioneering spirit. To symbolise this philosophy, each piece of Gübelin Jewellery contains a ruby. It is considered the king of gemstones and stands for passion and love. The iconic hallmark of Gübelin Jewellery also stands for the Gübelin family’s passion for coloured gemstones.

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