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GOLD Professional Haircare

Gold Haircare is a scandinavian synergy of beauty and nature. 100% vegan and environmentally friendly products contain high quality ingredients including pure oils, plant extracts, and antioxidants that mainly come from renewable and sustainable sources. Formulated and produced to comply with strict quality and green regulations.

An innovative approach to hair coloring which combines exclusive revolutionary ingredients with top-notch technology. A synergistic natural complex of botanicals and nutrient-rich elements revitalizes the hair in a new, industry-leading way. Maximum color perfection is achieved each and every time while intensely moisturizing and restoring the hair’s natural softness and shine. Even for the most sensitive skin and damaged hair, this system is 100% vegan and free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol & parabens whilst also being kind to the environment.

Das DAILY DETOXING SHAMPOO ist ein tiefenreinigendes Shampoo, das Ablagerungen wie überschüssigen Talg, Wasserablagerungen, Schmutz und Produktablagerungen einschließlich Rückstände von Styling-Wachsen entfernt, ohne das Haar anzugreifen.


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