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Interior design:S by Salanitro Redefines Ultra-Luxury for the Home

A world first: A collection of precious electrical switches, set with diamonds and gemstones – designed for living spaces

It’s a groundbreaking idea in the world of ultra-luxury: a new idea, something so obvious yet never before realized, an object we all – regardless of our country and culture – use dozens of times a day. The luxury brand S by Salanitro presents an exceptional innovation: the first-ever collection of precious electrical switches, crafted like works of art and adorned with diamonds and precious stones. 

These revolutionary creations – 100% Swiss in conception and execution – originated from a spark between Pierre Salanitro and his friend Niki Pirker, second-generation owner and director of Pirker Electricité, established in Geneva over five decades ago and known for top-level expertise in electrical installations. Pierre and Niki have combined their technical and aesthetic talents to bring this unique product line to life. 

Both Pierre and Niki travel extensively and serve a highly demanding international clientele. Their creations, born from their imagination and creativity, redefine everyday elegance and sophistication, transforming functional objects into true works of art designed to grace the world’s most beautiful villas and properties. 

Pierre Salanitro explains: “Creating these switches is also a way of bringing innovation to the rather conservative sector of electrical fittings and switches. Designed for exclusive locations like wine cellars, mountain chalets, yachts, villas, hotels, and luxury boutiques, these creations are far more than mere functional elements; they are works of art in their own right. Each switch is custom-designed, offering an endless array of artistic possibilities and patterns to perfectly complement the style of any space.” 

Inspired by nature and the cosmos 

Pierre Salanitro founded his brand with the vision to surprise and captivate, exploring diverse fields such as jewelry and interior decoration, always with a unique and refined approach. 

The first seven switches in the inaugural collection are visual poems, each model inspired by natural beauty and celestial mystery: 

 ‘Light of the Sea’ 

The lunar reflections caressing the night waves are embodied in this design, 

where each diamond shines like a star on the water. 

  • 1,138 diamonds with a total weight of 17 carats 
  • Black lacquer finish 

 ‘Paradise Temptation’ 

Symbolizing temptation, a serpent winds its way through this model 
– an irresistible invitation to desire and fascination. 

  • 1,007 tsavorites with a total weight of 30.6 carats 

 ‘Rainbow Fireworks’ 

This model captures the magic of multicolored celestial fireworks, 
bursts of joy illustrated by precious stones in various hues. 

  • 554 precious stones with a total weight of 26.8 carats, including: 
  • 176 diamonds with a total weight of 3.8 carats 
  • 378 precious stones (rubies, pink, blue, yellow, and orange sapphires, amethysts, topazes, tourmalines, and tsavorites) with a total weight of 23 carats 

‘Blue Rain’ 
Evoking a summer night under a tropical rain, 

these switches shimmer with a soft bluish glow. 

  • 546 diamonds with a total weight of 9.6 carats 

‘Palm Grove’ 
Inspired by the vastness and splendor of palm groves, 
this model suggests green oases nestled in the heart of the scorching desert. 

  • 176 diamonds with a total weight of 3.8 carats 
  • Green lacquer finish 

‘Sparkling Sky’ 

A myriad sparkling stars represented by topazes and sapphires, 

like jewels scattered across the celestial expanse. 

  • 8 diamonds and 34 topazes and sapphires with a total weight of 2.84 carats 

‘Mysterious Golden Moon’ 

The poetic moon, with its golden glow, inspires creations 

that caress dreams and reflect earthly light. 

  • 30 diamonds with a total weight of 1.07 carats 
  • 18K yellow gold plating finish 

Combining bold innovation with centuries-old artisanal craftsmanship, each switch is meticulously designed and crafted in Geneva. Here, the 250 setters, engravers, and jeweler-goldsmiths of the Salanitro workshops work at the highest level, mastering technical and artistic feats to illuminate each piece with a multitude of diamonds and precious stones, set directly into the material. 

This inaugural collection, the result of three years of reflection and research, marks a significant milestone in the brand’s evolution. It showcases a commitment to creating precious pieces imbued with emotion and sophistication. 

Price points for the first seven models range from CHF 7,000 to nearly CHF 70,000, depending on the design, gemstones and setting. Prices may vary for bespoke orders, each of which is the subject of an individual study for each client to ensure a unique and absolutely personalized creation. 

S by Salanitro: A Bold Vision of Hyper-Luxury 

Creativity and excellence at work: S by Salanitro stands out for creating exceptional objects, designing and producing unexpected products with a strong identity in the luxury world. Since its inception in 2023 in Geneva, S by Salanitro has quickly established itself as a reference in the luxury industry, thanks to its bold and unique creations. 

“Our passion for innovation and excellence is at the heart of everything we do,” says Pierre Salanitro, the company’s founder. “With S by Salanitro, we have created a brand that embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries and offering different, unique, and surprising objects that are both refined and timeless.” 

In 2023, S by Salanitro introduced three original lines: gold masks adorned with precious gems, bespoke backgammon sets decorated with gemstones, and gem-set mirrors. These unusually compelling creations were an immediate success for the Geneva entrepreneur, whose expertise is recognized worldwide. 

The idea of the masks was born from a collaboration with students from the ECAL School of Design in Lausanne. Seventeen designers proposed objects that told a story and enhanced the gemstones. Eight projects were selected, and the masks, inspired by ancient civilizations and reimagined in contemporary jewelry, were the first to come to life. 

In April 2024, during the Watches & Wonders fair, Pierre Salanitro opened the doors of his workshop to unveil the brand’s second collection of precious and unusual objects. True to their source of inspiration, the new collection of masks this time celebrated the cultures of Japan, Gabon, and Indonesia. 

Still in 2024, Pierre Salanitro unveiled his first jewelry collection: “Each piece has a very strong meaning as it is inspired by original tribal masks. The brand must have a strong identity with distinct objects that have a powerful story. Each mask is transformed into jewelry the following year.” 

Each piece, whether a necklace, ring, earring, or bracelet, is meticulously crafted in gold and enhanced by a brilliant array of diamonds and precious stones such as rubies, tsavorites, and sapphires. Sublimated by the expertise of setters, engravers, and jeweler-goldsmiths, these jewelry pieces captivate with their beauty and sophistication. 

Pierre Salanitro adds, “I want to dedicate myself to creating unique and unusual objects, unexpected like today’s collection of precious electric switches.” 

At his workshops in Acacias, Geneva, 240 employees work on setting exceptional pieces, creating and manufacturing cases, bracelets, polishing, sourcing precious stones, assembling, inspecting, and delivering watches to the most prestigious watch brands. 

With aesthetic and cultural sensitivity, knowledge of materials and precious stones, and exceptional craftsmanship derived from the Fine Arts of jewelry making in Haute Horlogerie, the teams bring all their knowledge and virtuosity to each object. The result is an exceptional final product that meets the highest standards of connoisseurs and enthusiasts of rare refinements. 

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