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Isabel Nuño de Buen

Garden of Time

Isabel Nuño de Buen’s artworks emanate a mysterious aura reminiscent of relics from an ancient civilization. Through intricate reliefs and large-scale wall pieces, she explores themes of human experience and personal disposition. Her solo exhibition at Mai 36 Galerie showcases six unique reliefs from her ongoing Codex series alongside two large wall pieces resembling drawings. One standout piece, “Garden of Time,” combines bold imagery and organic depictions, resembling a fragment of a larger artifact. Nuño de Buen’s Codex reliefs, such as nr. 41-46, are equally enigmatic, composed of layers of materials like papier-mâché, ceramics, textiles, and drawings. These intricate formations resist clear interpretation, inviting close observation while remaining tantalizingly elusive. With a blend of traditional techniques and innovative concepts, Nuño de Buen’s work has earned critical acclaim for its depth and emotional resonance. Born in Mexico City in 1985, she received the Sprengel Prize in 2020 and has exhibited globally, including solo shows at prestigious venues like Kunstverein Hannover and Sprengel Museum Hannover. In 2024, she will be featured in a solo exhibition at ICA, Milano.

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