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Porsche Design, in collaboration with international sporting goods manufacturer Puma, presents the new 3D MTRX sneakers. The special feature: for the first time, both premium brands have relied on an innovative midsole made by a 3D printer. The unique lattice design – the matrix – of the midsole is based on the Porsche Design logo. Each cube of the matrix structure is modeled on the PD logo in terms of form. The 3D-printed lattice structure made of elastic high-end materials offers higher performance and durability as well as more wearing comfort compared to comparable foam midsoles.

Superior Energy Return

Thanks to the innovative energy recovery system (“Superior Energy Return”), every vertical force exerted – in other words, every step taken by the wearer – is converted into a horizontal forward movement. The sole thus reinforces the natural running movement and ensures that up to 83 percent of the vertical energy exerted by the runner can be “recovered” and transferred. This significantly increases the athlete’s performance.

Maximum Cushioning – Perfect for Urban Areas

Thanks to the mechanical properties of the special technical materials made of polyurethane elastomers, the 3D MTRX sneakers also achieve top results in terms of durability, mechanical resilience, tear resistance, and flexibility. The sole of the athletic shoe has been subjected to more than one million compression cycles in laboratory tests without suffering any significant loss of quality. The 3D MTRX lattice structure creates hundreds of air-filled cubes that combine with the flexible material of the lattice struts in order to provide maximum cushioning and stability – especially on hard surfaces like asphalt. This makes the sneakers the ideal companion in the city.

High-Quality Carbon Fibers from Sports Car Construction

Porsche Design’s new 3D MTRX are available in two sporty, elegant colorways: in white with a black outsole or as an all-black model in black with a black outsole, both of which are ideal for all modern sportswear outfits. Premium full-grain leather upper and an evoKNIT textile lining create a comfortable sock-like fit. The use of ultralight design elements made of high-quality carbon fiber (“Carbon Fiber Parts”), inspired by the manufacturing of Porsche sports cars, provide a modern futuristic design. as well as at

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