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Astronomia Régulateur – Time Doesn’t Just Flow. It Also Floats. 

Jacob & Co. introduces a revolutionary interpretation of the classic régulateur with its latest release. The brand reimagines this traditional watchmaking archetype through its distinctive approach, featuring a movement with a captivating, floating 3D design that completes a full rotation every 60 seconds. This technique results in a visually mesmerizing effect. The timepiece, encased in a 43-mm rose gold body, offers a unique display for hours, minutes, and seconds, powered by an unprecedented high watchmaking caliber.

A standout feature of this watch is its vertical, rotating movement, a world-first that performs a complete rotation in just one minute. The seconds are indicated on a ring-shaped dial that rotates counterclockwise every 60 seconds, complemented by a flying tourbillon that spins on two axes within the same timeframe. This operation is smoothed out by a constant force device, ensuring an even distribution of energy for a seamless and rapid function.

The watch is designed with expansive sapphire panes set into the 43-mm case, maximizing visibility into the domed, translucent blue sub-dials. These dials, adorned with classic fonts and golden hands, pay homage to the precision and elegance of high watchmaking. Jacob & Co. combines a historically revered complication with its iconic Astronomia architecture, revolutionizing the traditional régulateur display and enhancing it with “Inspired by the impossible” horological prowess.

The Astronomia Régulateur is a bold reinterpretation, leveraging Jacob & Co.’s flair for transforming classics on a scale rarely seen. The régulateur’s distinctive feature of separating the time display into three different segments on the dial for hours, minutes, and seconds is elevated into a three-dimensional spectacle. Traditionally, a régulateur served as a highly accurate clock for watchmakers to calibrate their timepieces.

The Caliber JCAM56, the thinnest Astronomia-type movement crafted by Jacob & Co., consists of 552 components, marking a significant achievement in its vertical design. Despite its complexity, the movement is housed in a rose gold case that is both elegant and ergonomically friendly, featuring openworked lugs and large transparent sapphire windows for an unobstructed view of the intricate workings inside.

Régulateurs have a storied history of accuracy and readability, dating back to the dawn of industrialized watchmaking when they provided a universal time reference for workshop workers. Over time, this functional design was adapted into pocket and wristwatch formats, focusing more on the unique layout than on precision. The Astronomia Régulateur takes this concept further, transforming the separate displays of hours, minutes, and seconds into a dynamic, three-dimensional experience.

This timepiece benefits from Jacob & Co.’s extensive experience with rotating, vertical, tourbillon movements, especially highlighted by the Astronomia Tourbillon’s innovative design. The Astronomia Régulateur builds upon this legacy with the caliber JCAM56, featuring a 60-second rotation speed and a double-axis flying tourbillon, alongside two arms for the time display that ensure legibility through a differential system.

The unique seconds display stands out as a defining feature, with a long, elegant golden hand pointing to a domed, blue, and translucent ring that rotates counter-clockwise, providing a novel way to track seconds. The incorporation of a patented constant force device in the gear train near the tourbillon exemplifies Jacob & Co.’s commitment to precision and innovation, smoothing the energy flow and contributing to the watch’s accuracy and remarkable performance. The Astronomia Régulateur is a testament to Jacob & Co.’s prowess in watchmaking, combining exhilarating design with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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