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Boucheron celebrates chemistry.

The magic that happens when two destinies intertwine to become one.

Two people cross paths. Their eyes meet. Their smiles reciprocate.

Their secrets are exchanged. Their joys resonate.

Two worlds come together, with nothing in between but a jewel.

We are one, because of love.

Boucheron presents its new campaign We are one, a celebration of the moment when two become one. On one side are eight stories, each a different way to rejoice in the union of two destinies. On the other is a series of five still life visuals where each of the Maison’s creations also finds its other half.

What’s new?

All that sparkles

This year, the Maison’s iconic collection dazzles with three new Quatre Radiant Edition pieces: a necklace, a choker, and a bracelet, all in white gold set with diamonds. Each of these shimmering creations becomes one with the individual who chooses to wear it.

Embracing the body

Boucheron’s Creative Studio designed these supple, sensuous pieces where the Quatre codes nestle against the body and follow its movements. The Boucheron craftsmen shape and then hand-assemble more than a hundred parts, first polishing them and setting them with diamonds before polishing them again individually. The necklace is an even more complex challenge since its two halves join. The exploit is achieved using vertical articulations.

Capturing the light

The Quatre codes, taken from the Maison’s archives, are reinvented in a diamond monochrome. Each code is expressed through a specific stone cut. The Clou de Paris, which pays tribute to the cobblestones of Place Vendôme and the Maison’s historical location, is represented by the princess-cut diamond. The Gros-Grain – a reference to the couture origins of Frédéric Boucheron, whose father was a draper – is symbolized by the baguette diamond. The Double Godron, an architectural design that here expresses the love between two people, is depicted through the combination of round diamonds. These three codes are combined with the diamond line, symbolizing eternity, which is the fourth code of the Quatre collection.

Achieving perfection

These three new creations highlight the expertise of the Boucheron craftsmen and in particular that of its diamond-cutters. They bring very special attention to stone selection and cutting in order to bring these exceptional pieces to life. That is because each code can only feature perfectly identical diamonds, both in terms of natural appearance and the finesse of the cut.

The new creations:

A declaration of love

Like a clean black line on a blank page, Vendôme Liseré writes the most beautiful declaration of love. This collection is the perfect alchemy between the purity of diamonds and the sharpness of a black lacquer outline. This year, Vendôme Liseré revisits its classics with a new one-carat stone. A new ring and a pair of pendant earrings round out the array.

Vendôme Liseré solitaire, set with an emerald-cut diamond, diamond pavé, white gold and black lacquer

Vendôme Liseré pendant earrings, each set with an emerald-cut diamond of 1 ct, diamond pavé, white gold and black lacquer

Twice Quatre

The Quatre Radiant Edition collection asserts two rings highlighting the Clou de Paris code. This design – which appears in the Boucheron archives as early as 1911 – is a tribute to the Parisian cobblestones, particularly those on Place Vendôme. All it takes to make these two bright creations one is to combine them.

Quatre Radiant Edition solitaire, set with a round diamond, diamond pavé, in yellow and white gold

Quatre Radiant Edition large model wedding band, diamond pavé in white gold

From Vendôme with love

A scintillating new wedding set composed of a diamond river necklace and bracelet join the Maison’s Wedding range. The Vendôme Column appears ethereally through the transparency of an emerald-cut rock crystal shaped like a birds’ eye view of Place Vendôme. Both symbols are reminders of the Maison’s historical spot, located at number 26 of this iconic square since 1893.

Rivière Vendôme necklace, diamond pavé in white gold

Rivière Vendôme bracelet, diamond pavé in white gold

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