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Crimson Red – Purist creations from Gübelin Jewellery are a homage to rubies of exceptional quality

Rubies of exceptional quality have a name: Crimson Red. The purist creations from Gübelin Jewellery focus entirely on these unique rubies of extraordinary quality which fulfil the stringent criteria of the Gem Lab to earn the new trade name.


Gübelin Jewellery introduces timelessly elegant creations featuring Crimson Red rubies. For the premiere, Gübelin succeeded in finding several of these rubies possessing extraordinary qualities. The modern language of forms places these rare rubies in the spotlight. Here the timeless design of the solitaire ring and ear studs is focused on the ruby. Their purist shapes allow these jewellery pieces to be combined perfectly. In addition, these pieces appeal to connoisseurs who want to add new superb new facets to their collection. Crimson Red rubies are among the most beautiful, sought-after and valuable rubies in the world.

The iconic ruby, which graces every piece of Gübelin Jewellery, is elegantly integrated into the setting. It lends the jewel additional finesse. In order to underscore the focus on perfection and purism, the company atelier’s team selected only the most exquisite materials: gold and rubies.

The ruby

The ruby is considered the King of gemstones. For centuries, this shimmering red gemstone has been associated with love and passion and treasured by connoisseurs. The largest and most important deposits are found in Asia and Africa. The Gübelin Gem Lab uses the trade names Pigeon Blood Red and most recently Crimson Red to designate only the finest rubies.

Crimson Red

This name is the new definition of exceptional quality in rubies: Crimson Red. Rubies with this coveted trade name are extremely rare. It is estimated that only one per cent of rubies tested by the Gübelin Gem Lab fulfil the exacting criteria to qualify for the designation Crimson Red. Commercially, designations such as Crimson Red and Pigeon Blood Red for rubies or Royal Blue and Padparadscha for sapphires denote unique gemstones possessing specific qualities. This allows for better orientation in the sale and purchase of high-grade gemstones.

A new milestone

Since February 2023, the Gübelin Gem Lab has been using the trade name Crimson Red, setting a key milestone. Crimson Red is employed to designate rubies that show no sign of treatment and are naturally striking with a homogeneous, saturated red. These highly transparent gemstones contain no inclusions visible to the naked eye. They exhibit a weak to moderate fluorescence when exposed to UV-light. It is only the degree of fluorescence that distinguishes Crimson Red from Pigeon Blood Red, which is highly pronounced in the latter.

Although the trade name Pigeon Blood Red does not refer to any specific geographical origin, it is nonetheless oriented toward highly fluorescent Burmese rubies. Since in the meanwhile the majority of rubies are not sourced in Burma (Myanmar) and do not possess this characteristic, the Gem Lab introduced the trade name Crimson Red to designate rubies of highest quality which however do not exhibit a high degree of fluorescence. The rubies’ country of origin does not play any role in assigning this trade name, as it is based entirely on the quality, colour, beauty, and transparency of each gemstone. Crimson Red denotes the absolute top qualities of untreated rubies. 

Trade name

Since trade names are not standardised, it is necessary to heed the assessments from renowned gemmological laboratories such as the Gübelin Gem Lab. 

The Gübelin Gem Lab is rigorous in assigning trade names and has developed a demanding catalogue of criteria to ensure that only the most eligible gemstones earn this prestigious designation. This means that buyers can be assured that the trade names given by the Gem Lab are internationally recognised.

Gemmological expertise

The House of Gübelin is known worldwide for its expertise in gemmology. The Gübelin Gem Lab is among the most renowned institutions in this field. This year, the Gem Lab is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Leading auction houses, gem traders, jewellery brands, museums and royal families rely on the laboratory’s experience and analyses, as does Gübelin Jewellery. Significant gemstones from Gübelin Jewellery are accompanied by gemmological documents. This gives customers certainty about the identity, authenticity and quality of their gemstones.

Iconic ruby

Every creation from Gübelin Jewellery is set with the iconic ruby. The ruby stands for love and passion while also symbolising expertise, experience and joy in working with coloured gemstones. In these jewellery pieces, the characteristic ruby graces the setting, lending it a shimmering red highlight.

Deeply Inspired

The House of Gübelin’s Deeply Inspired philosophy pervades all aspects of the company’s activities. It is based on a unique combination of beauty, knowledge and expertise, always pursuing a deeper understanding of the profession, in tribute to the family’s pioneering spirit.

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