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Davidoff Cigars continues to set a high standard for unparalleled innovation and

Davidoff Cigars is introducing an exceptional innovation in the world of cigar aficionados with its new Monolith Humidor, unveiled in April 2024. This groundbreaking humidor is the first from the brand to be entirely crafted from a single piece of stone, specifically Moca Cream limestone. It offers a safe and scent-free environment for up to 120 toro cigars. The humidor’s natural beige color and refined design make it a striking statement piece that combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.

This launch is a testament to Davidoff’s long history of humidor innovation, dating back to when Zino Davidoff himself created the first humidor in 1930, establishing a legacy of pioneering in humidor design. The Monolith Humidor is a culmination of years of dedication, showcasing Davidoff’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship in accessory design. Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff, highlighted the challenge and accomplishment of turning a block of limestone into a stylish and fully functional humidor, emphasizing the collaboration between Davidoff and nature in redefining craftsmanship.

The creation process of the Monolith Humidor involved meticulous craftsmanship and precision, using diamond tools to ensure a smooth surface and soften edges, with final adjustments made with tolerances as small as tenths of millimeters. A wooden frame of mahogany was then carefully inlaid into the lid, requiring exact precision due to its seamless single-piece construction.

To maintain cigars in optimal condition, the humidor is equipped with two Davidoff de Luxe Regulators inside its lid, maintaining humidity levels at 70%-72% rh. It also features wooden dividers and a dedicated space for accessories, such as scissors, for convenience. Despite its heavy lid, the humidor includes a smooth closing system with dampers and specially designed hinges for safe handling. The Davidoff logo is elegantly engraved on the stone, signifying the highest quality.

The Davidoff Monolith Humidor will be available from 18 April 2024 at select Davidoff appointed merchants and flagship stores worldwide, although launch dates may vary by country. This launch continues Davidoff’s tradition of providing premium storage solutions for cigars, drawing on Zino Davidoff’s original innovations and the brand’s continuous evolution in humidor design and technology. The Oettinger Davidoff Group, with its extensive history and commitment to quality, continues to lead in the premium-branded cigar market, from production to retail.

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