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Pierre de Maere in Dior by Kim Jones To his Concert at the Zenith

Pierre de Maere showcased his unique style with two distinctive outfits from the Dior Men’s Collection, both embodying a blend of classic elegance and modern flair.

For one look, de Maere opted for a custom-made burgundy tailored military jacket paired with matching narrow pants, creating a sharp and cohesive appearance. This was complemented by a classic grey cotton shirt, which added a layer of subtle sophistication to the ensemble. The look was completed with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots, providing a sleek and versatile finish that grounded the outfit with a touch of timeless style.

In another striking choice, de Maere wore a custom-made beige cashmere military coat, exuding warmth and luxury. This was paired with an off-white tailored double-breasted suit, a combination that played with light tones to create a soft yet impactful visual statement. The ensemble was anchored with a classic white organza shirt, adding a touch of refined delicacy. For footwear, he chose a pair of beige and white leather boots, perfectly echoing the outfit’s color scheme and enhancing its overall elegance.

These outfits not only highlight Pierre de Maere’s distinctive fashion sense but also showcase the versatility and craftsmanship of Dior Men’s Collection, combining military inspirations with tailored sophistication.

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