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Miu Miu is pleased to announce the launch of its fourth limited edition Miu Miu Upcycled collection: Denim and Patch bags. An accompanying campaign also introduces a capsule collection to celebrate Chinese New Year, comprising polo shirts, cardigans, cashmere slips and the iconic Wander and Arcadie bags.

Born in 2020 and devised to uphold the precious nature of vintage clothing and encourage circular design practice, Miu Miu Upcycled tells the stories of clothes and the people who have worn them in the past. The value of history, of the timeless, tells new stories for the present and future.

For 2024, Miu Miu Upcycled Denim turns its attention to upcycled jeans. Dated pre-2000 and sourced from denim specialists all over the world, these are chosen specifically for their color, weight and the qualities of fading. More than any other material denim is long-lasting and prized for its patina, for the physical and symbolic effects of any ageing. The memory of the garment remains its backbone. Outer seams are preserved before deconstruction and re- fashioning takes place, a process designed to re-use as much fabric as possible and therefore carried out by hand. The result is a reiteration of wardrobe archetypes – wide-legged jeans, trucker jackets, bra tops and shorts – and accessories – baseball caps and hair bands – a study in circularity, honoring the provenance of clothing while transforming it for modern life.

Flower embroideries too are drawn from the past. Inspired by research into 1950s haute couture, this style of embellishment was first seen on the Miu Miu runway for the Spring/Summer 2022 season in gold, they are now re-imagined in black. Each flower is hand- sewn using silk chiffon petals, facetted beads and black crystal set into antique metal. Garments are finished with a leather label printed with the Miu Miu Upcycled logo and an internal tag in starched white canvas with the same branding.

For the first time, the Miu Miu Upcycled project also includes bags. The Miu Miu Upcycled Patch bag collection is made out of leather remnants from Miu Miu designs: the existent is reimagined to create something imbued with heritage; a respect for tradition enriches the here and now.

Actor Ever Anderson and model Huijia Chen breathe new life into the 2024 Miu Miu Upcycled collections in a series of imagery captured by Jet Swan. A study of character – in casting and clothing – and an intimate exploration of the relationship between garment and wearer, stolen moments are made permanent. Each is unique.

The Miu Miu Upcycled project debuted with a selection of 80 one-off dresses made from precious non-designer vintage finds, followed by a collaboration with Levi’s built around iconic pieces from the 1980s and ‘90s and leather jackets which appeared on Miu Miu’s Paris runway for the Fall/Winter 2022 season. All Miu Miu Upcycled collections are strictly limited.

Miu Miu has partnered with the Aura Blockchain Consortium a non-profit association that promotes transparency as well as customer-centric business practices throughout the lifecycle of luxury products by leveraging blockchain and other technologies. Each piece in the 2024 Miu Miu Upcycled Collection will be afforded Aura Blockchain verification.

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