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Neueröffnung: Das WOW Museum erobert München 

In Zurich, im April 2024, the WOW Museum Zurich is expanding and opening a second WOW Museum in the heart of Munich. On June 19, 2024, the astonished audience will be able to enter the new “Room of Illusions” after a year of conceptual work and extensive renovation.

No illusion, no sensory deception – now Munich also has its WOW Museum. Vanessa and Matthias Kammermann, the founders of the WOW Museum Zurich, are opening another location in the Bavarian capital for the 4th anniversary.

Munich is simply WOW
The success story of the Zurich WOW Museum is as magical as it is inspiring: as one of the top attractions in Switzerland, it attracts 100,000 visitors annually and has already won six awards, including the Red Dot Award and the Golden Xaver for “a project that makes people happy.” For the step abroad, the museum founders looked at various cities – and found the perfect base in Munich: “Here we developed the project with great people,” says Vanessa Kammermann: “The WOW fits perfectly with Munich and Munich is simply WOW.”

500 square meters at Isartor
The new WOW Museum Munich occupies 500 square meters in a building directly at Isartor. The conceptual planning of new elements and attractions was done in collaboration with the agency Aroma from Zurich. The renovation proceeded harmoniously between the two countries and the dedicated partner companies. “We are extremely excited about Munich because the atmosphere is simply fantastic,” says Vanessa Kammermann: “It’s especially nice that many curious people are already writing to us today, looking forward to the WOW.” – They only have to wait until June 19, 2024.

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